Here’s why Stiles is off Twitter

The actor, now, remains unfazed by opinions of others. “Everyone has an opinion. If we are just going to start living our lives based on what people think about us, we’ll lead a very sad life. So, I have never focused on people’s opinions and it’s doesn’t really matter to me,” she adds.

Actor Julia Stiles (left) says Twitter is gross because people like US President Donald Trump are active on the micro-blogging site. The 36-year-old actor says while she once thought the social media platform had a positive side by making people condense their thoughts, now she has developed a dislike for the site, reported Contactmusic.

“I’ve had an aversion to Twitter because of Donald Trump, I find it gross because of him. I thought there was a positive side to having people be succinct, and reduce what they wanted to say in 140 characters, but now it feels like it’s shrivelling ideas,” Stiles tells Radio Times magazine. The Riviera star says she instead uses language learning app Duolingo. “I use a car-share one and Duolingo for language learning. We filmed ‘Riviera’ in France for seven months, so I’m trying to keep up my French now that I’m back home. Sometimes I listen to a podcast called ‘News in Slow French’ and pretend I can understand it.”

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