High-tech vans will issue traffic challans in two seconds

NEW DELHI: Traffic violators in Delhi will no longer be able to take advantage of high volume of traffic to escape prosecution. A fleet of 11 ‘high-tech’ interceptor vehicles, equipped to capture the registration number plates of most vehicles passing by it, were pressed into service on Tuesday.

High-tech vans will issue traffic challans in two seconds

To increase their effectiveness, the Delhi Traffic Police plan to frequently change the location of these vehicles. “Generally they will be placed along high-speed corridors and violation-prone areas. But we will keep changing their locations and even deploy them in residential colonies at times,” said Ajay Kashyap, special CP (traffic), at the launch programme at India Gate on Tuesday.

According to the officer, these vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies available in this segment. “They can capture videos and images of vehicles between 25 metres and one kilometre away. Unlike the previous fleet of vehicles which had limitations, these vehicles can capture number plates of vehicles travelling at a speed of even 250 km/hr,” said Kashyap.

They will also be recording the GPS location, speed and other details which will help with quick prosecution. “Each vehicle will have a printer. So, we can issue a challan within two seconds,” said the officer.

The laser-based cameras in these vehicles are capable of capturing the registration number plates of multiple vehicles passing by. Until now, the traffic policemen deployed on roads were able to challan just one or two violators at once, allowing others to get away. But the new equipments will allow police to challan multiple violators at each point these vehicles are deployed.

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