I wanted to be loud about it: Ricky Martin on playing gay

Singer-actor Ricky Martin (above) is playing the role of Gianni Versace’s longtime love Antonio D’Amico in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, and says that he always wanted to play a gay character.

This is Martin’s first role as a gay man since he himself came out in 2010. He says the series addresses the issue of homophobia and indifference the gay community faces, reported Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s a story that needs to be told. We’re going to go mainstream with a story that talks about homophobia, that talks about hate, that talks about indifference. It’s so raw and honest and so dramatic and sad. But at the same time, you show the love of Gianni and Antonio and 15 years of struggling, fighting. It’s something that I really wanted to be loud about,” Martin says.

The 45-year-old says playing D’Amico took him back in time when he was struggling to open up about his sexual orientation. “It is special because I’m speaking on behalf of a lot of people that can’t be heard. There was a scene where Gianni is weak and almost falling on the beach and I touch him and he goes, ‘Don’t touch me! Paparazzi!’ You don’t understand. That took me back to eight years ago when I was in the closet and it just moved me,” he says.

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