Locals won’t celebrate Eid to protest Ballabhgarh killing

NEW DELHI: Khandavli village in Ballabhgarh, Haryana, has decided not to celebrate Eid this year.

Five Muslim youths of the village were beaten up and allegedly stabbed by a mob on a Mathura-bound train. One of the youth, 16-year-old Junaid, succumbed to his injuries.

The residents of the village will only offer prayers and wear black bands in protest against the mob that abused the youths in the name of their religion branding them as “cow eaters” and “anti-nationals”. The villagers have also urged the adjacent villages to boycott Eid celebrations this year.

“There will only be prayers and we will prepare a sweet as a token but there will no lavish celebrations. Such an unfortunate incident has occurred and till now there is not even a word from the state chief minister or the Prime Minister. We have decided to register our protest silently. Some people from Nuh village will also join us,” Haji Yunis, President Muslim Welfare society, said.

Meanwhile, the police, who are yet to make any breakthrough in the case, have now announced a reward of ₹1 lakh for any person who comes forward to give statement, share a video recording or photographic evidence of the incident.

“There were so many passengers in the train that day. Even if no one stepped forward to help, someone must have clicked photos of the act or must have recorded a video while it was happening,” SP, GRP, Kamaldeep Goyal said, adding, “We will also ensure that their identity be kept secret. We just require a clue that will help us reach the culprits. We urge the people to come forward.”

Ramesh, who was arrested on Friday, has told the police that he was drunk and the men instigated him to hit the youths. He told the police that he was drunk and got swayed.

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