Residents worried after NDMC shuts slum school for repairs

NEW DELHI: Residents of Sanjay Camp in Chanakyapuri are concerned about the future of their wards as the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has decided to temporarily shut the area’s primary school for renovation.

NDMC is renovating the primary school. It is situated right next to a public toilet complex.


Until the renovation is over, the students of Nagar Palika Primary School Sanjay Gandhi Camp, Chanakyapuri, have been shifted to the primary school under NDMC at Moti Bagh. However, parents are concerned about how the young kids will commute to and from the school.

For residents of the Sanjay Gandhi Camp, a slum cluster in Chanakyapuri, the primary school run by the NDMC in their backyard was a godsend, as young children could easily walk the few hundred feet by themselves to make it to school.

As most parents are daily wagers, they now fret over how they would escort the children to the new school. The students would either have to cross a busy main road, or cross an active railway track to get to the new school. Parents deem the commute dangerous for young kids.

According to NDMC officials, the renovation is being done since the school is situated right next to the toilet complex, and the students had to study while evading the stench from toilets.

“A new school will be built within a year,” said RP Gupta, director of education, NDMC.

“Whenever a drain got blocked, the sewage would flow into the classrooms,” said Poonam Kumari, the principal.

Gupta said that NDMC was planning to rebuild the school where the current toilet complex exists, and would build the toilets at the site of the school.

“How is this a solution? Wouldn’t the school and the toilets still be next to each other? Now, if the toilets overflow, our houses will be flooded with sewage,” said Sanjay Kumar Singh, a resident.

Chanda Devi, mother of a third grader, said this seems to be a larger ploy. “They will shut down the school first. They will chase us out next. We are an eyesore for them,” she claimed.

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