Terrorist shot dead at Brussels station

BRUSSELS: A suspected terrorist was shot dead by soldiers in one of Brussels’ main railway stations on Tuesday night after what police described as a small blast.

Terrorist shot dead at Brussels station

Footage of the suspect blowing up an explosive device at the central railway station in Brussels.Officers believe the 36-year-old Moroccan, identified only as O Z, was wearing an explosive belt and a witness at Brussels Central station reportedly heard the man call out “Allahu Akbar” – “God is great” – before the blast.

Police announced they had the situation under control.

“This is considered as a terrorist attack,” said the federal prosecutor’s office spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt. “The suspect has been neutralised by the military that were present at the scene immediately after the explosion.”

There were no other casualties in the incident.



Spain said on Wednesday it had arrested three Moroccans, including a presumed member of the Islamic State group whose profile matched those of terrorists implicated in recent attacks in Britain and France.

The suspected IS member was described as being “in an advanced state of radicalisation” and had “an extensive ideological and electronic library of numerous manuals on jihadist terrorism”, including specific manuals on suicide bombing and “electronic jihad”, the interior ministry said. The man intended to radicalise others and persuade them to commit terror acts, the ministry said, making him “an obvious threat.”

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