When Sajal Ali’s performance made Sridevi cry

Popular Pakistani actor, Sajal Ali managed to move powerhouse performer Sridevi to tears while filming an emotional scene for their next film, Mom.

The 18-year-old actor, who essays the role of Sridevi’s daughter in the film produced by Boney Kapoor, was performing a scene with Sridevi and the 53-year-old actor was so convinced by Sajal’s performance that she couldn’t control her tears.

A source says, “Sajal is not only a great actress but also someone Sridevi is personally very fond of. The two share a close bond and in fact, when Sajal lost her mother, it was Sridevi who comforted her and took her under her wing. Sajal takes her equation with Sridevi beyond the film and is very emotionally connected to her.”

“When she had to perform an emotional scene with Sridevi, she was so natural and convincing that she even brought tears to Sridevi’s eyes,” the source added.

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