Why did Hrithik Roshan say no to Rambo remake?

Actor Hrithik Roshan (right) was one of the first choices to play Rambo in the Indian remake of the iconic Hollywood film. However, the actor was not keen to do another remake after Bang Bang! (2014), which is an adaptation of (Knight and Day) says director Siddharth Anand, (left).

Anand had directed Hrithik in Bang Bang! and the two share a camaraderie. “Hrithik and I have a relationship which is of great trust. We are constantly talking about doing something together,” says Anand. “Also Hrithik would be really a great choice for a character like Rambo, but he didn’t want to do another remake after Knight and Day. So we’re working on something else.”

Rambo, which starred Sylvester Stallone, revolved around a Vietnam war veteran. As Stallone had created such a powerful impact with the film, Anand had to keep a lot of things in mind when casting an actor for the desi Rambo. They finally decided on Tiger Shroff. “It’s too big a shoe to fill in, and a big responsibility. So we had to get somebody who would be the apt choice. I was certain I wanted a young boy for it. Tiger [Shroff] felt just a natural choice for us.”

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