Woman spikes food to help lover murder her husband and mother-in-law but fails

A day after a motherson duo was attacked while they were asleep and five others, including children, were allegedly intoxicated in their home in northwest Delhi’s Jahangirpuri area on Monday night, the police have arrested one person in connection with the case.

Woman spikes food to help lover murder her husband and mother-in-law but fails

According to the police, Abdul had hatched a plan to kill Narayini, 75, and Anup, 45, as he was in love with Anup’s wife Meenakshi. Police said that Meenakshi, too, was involved in the plan.

On Monday night, Meenakshi made food for her family and spiked it with sleeping tablets. While she fed all family members, she herself ate only a little.


After her husband, mother-inlaw and others fell unconscious, Abdul allegedly entered the house and attacked Anup and Narayini. He allegedly slit their throat using a sharp knife and left the spot. Meenakshi, who let Abdul inside the house and was semi- conscious at that time, did not leave with him to avoid suspicion. Both Anup and Narayini are in hospital under critical care.

“Meenakshi’s family found out about her relationship with Abdul and objected to it. The couple often fought over the issue,” a senior police officer said.

Meenakshi later concocted a story that someone barged inside the house when the family members were asleep and made them unconscious probably by putting a chloroform-soaked handkerchief to their noses.

While Narayini, 75, sustained a cut on her throat, Anup also has a sharp injury on his abdomen. The other six members — Titu, 50, Anju, 48, Rajat, 15, Meenakshi, 40, a teenager and an 8-year old child, did not sustain any injury.

The incident came to light on Tuesday morning when a neighbour came to meet the family. On finding the family unconscious and two of them bleeding, he informed the police.

During investigation, the police accessed the CCTV footage of the area and also checked the call detail records of the family members. “The call detail records of Meenakshi and chat history revealed that she was in touch with Abdul and had hatched a plan,” the officer said.

Abdul has been arrested but Meenakshi will be formally arrested on Thursday morning.

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